From Kortrijk to Carrara and back.

Luc Verbeke creates his works in his atelier in Kortrijk, Belgium, and in the white marble quarries of Carrara, Italy, where he also selects the blocks of stone that he needs for particular artworks.

Luc Verbeke with Carlo Andrei (GA Marble) in Carrara, Italy
with Carlo Andrei (GA Marble) in Carrara
atelier Carrara, Italy
Luc Verbeke working on his atelier in Kortrijk, Belgium
atelier Kortrijk with Veerle De Vos
Luc Verbeke with more sculptors in Carrara, Italy
#sculptors Manon Huguenin, Henk Korthuys, Petra Vandezande, Kristof Cottenier, Massimo and Luca Marovino in Carrara

Making dust
and having fun.

The city of Carrara, where the white marble is quarried, is a wonderful environment for stone sculptors to create new work. And all that dust and Italian heat can make them very thirsty.

Luc Verbeke with Luca Marovino in Carrara, Italy
with Luca Marovino in Carrara, Italy

Carrara marble is one of Luc’s preferred materials to work with, because it is relatively soft when first quarried and it becomes extremely hard and strong with age.

Luc Verbeke in Carrara, Italy
atelier Carrara