An artist with a passion for creations in stone.

Luc Verbeke combines craftsmanship with an artistic vision and explores the limits of sculpture with all kinds of techniques.

Luc Verbeke working on an artwork piece

Heavy materials such as marble and sandstone translate into light-looking sculptures and raise a complex network of existential questions.

Raw marble stone from Carrara
Love — Artwork by Luc Verbeke
Love — Bianco Carrara marble, 2015

Luc constructs his works very precisely. His installations are designed to remain standing.

For each artwork he makes in the Italian Bianco Carrara marble, Luc chooses the block of marble in the quarry and does the initial or entire carving and sculpting on site.

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Luc verbeke working on his Atelier in Carrara, Italy
The tools used by Luc Verbeke